Frequency Stabilization

31. N6GN engineered this GPS disciplined frequency reference for selected stations in our West Coast VHF/UHF WSPR Study Group. It provides a 10 MHz reference as well as a GPS disciplined substitute for the master oscillator or local oscillator of various commercial transceivers or transverters. The discussion thread can be read here. Leo Bodnar Electronics now sells a similar device.

32. A typical modification to injection lock the Elecraft XV144 transverter to the GPS10V 116 MHz frequency reference. The 47Ω resistor suppresses the 116 MHz crystal oscillations and Q1 functions to amplify the external 116 MHz reference signal.

33. The Elecraft XV144's internal local oscillator with crystal oven option had exhibited 3-4 Hz frequency drift during 2 minute WSPR transmissions and long term frequency instability with ambient temperature variation. This frequency instability and drift was eliminated with the GPS10 frequency reference.