KiwiSDR WSPR Receiver at KP4MD

The KiwiSDR software defined radio continuously monitors WSPR activity on 8 amateur radio bands from 0-30 MHz and uploads spots to the and repositories.  
Daily upload totals are posted at
The receiver typically uploads around 20,000 WSPR spots daily. 
The receiving antenna is a 40m full wave horizontal loop at 6m above ground level. 

Left: Raspberry Pi with WsprDaemon software,
Center: KiwiSDR, Right: GPS Active Antenna,  
Foreground: NooElec "FlamingoFM" & "DistillAM" Bandstop Filters
KiwiSDR information at  
WsprDaemon software at

The KiwiSDR captures WSPR signals on up to 8 bands simultaneously and passes them via WiFi to the Raspberry Pi on the right.

The WsprDaemon running on Raspberry Pi decodes WSPR Spots and uploads them to the WSPRnet & WsprDaemon repositories.

An onboard GPS receiver provides a precise time clock and frequency accuracy to 1 Hz.

The Daily WSPR upload totals are posted at

Real Time Receiver Noise Statistics at KP4MD

The KiwiSDR uploads about 20,000 WSPR spots to the WsprNet and WsprDaemon databases daily.

Grafana Statistical Analysis of 7 days of KP4MD WSPR Spot Data